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Mygiftcardsite an organization that excels in provide all kind of services related to gift cards. Essentially, gift cards are a kind of prepaid card you can use them at brand stores, online shops, retailers and various other places. As usual, if you own a gift card there are potential risks attached to the card as well. Hence, it is important that you take certain steps to keep your card secure from any hacks or misuse. This post will enlighten you about how you can safely keep your gift card, check your gift card balance and a lot more only through  

Mygiftcardsite is an official website owned by the US Bank. Just like credit cards or debit cards, you need to know your gift card balance, set a limit on your expenses and have a record of your expenditures. To check your gift card balance you must log in to . Having an official account on the website is the first step you take to have details of your gift card expenses.

How to Check Gift Card Balance at



Checking your gift card balance from the website is very similar to net banking. Let’s look at how we can use the website to do so.

1) First, go to the official website of US Bank i.e , you’ll be asked your Card Number and Card Security Code.

2) Fill in the details using your gift card. Next, you need to put down your Security Code and click on Login.

3) The following page will display your Gift Card balance and other details related to your gift card.

4) It’s this simple to view your mygiftcardsite balance and keep a tab on your expenses.

5) Hopefully, these step guided you with clear direction on how you can use the website.

Mygiftcardsite Question & Answer: FAQ

Question: What is the use of a prepaid VISA card?

Answer: You can add money to your prepaid Visa account which you can utilize at any given point of time without the need for liquid money. You can a spend only the amount you add to the card.

Question:  Why should you register your US Bank gift card online?

Answer: It is important that you have a predetermined knowledge about your gift card balances. You never know, for instance, you plan on using the card in a shop just to find out that it has a low balance. Save yourself from the embarrassment. Register your gift card online.

Question: Which denominations can you buy the gift card?

Answer: You can buy the gift cards on the multiples of $5 all the way to $15, $20, $20, $25, $50, and $100.

Mygiftcardsite Video Tutorials

If you still haven’t understood the steps here is a video for your immediate reference.

Mygiftcardsite Customer Services

1-866-952-5653 is customer services number. If you have any question, doubt or any type of query, call on the mentioned number.

Final Words

Mygiftcardsite is an official website of the US Bank where you can check your Gift Cards Balance. The website supports you with information related to all your gift cards. Got a question? Put it down in the comment section and we will get back to you. Find this post helpful? Do share it over WhatsApp, Facebook and another social networking website

Website: www.mygiftcardsite.coma